Kidwell Realty, LLC
Strategic Planning
Understanding your organization's current obligations, timing, current and projected budgets, size parameters, market areas of interest and special facility requirements will prove to be the key to establishing a solid foundation to an organized transaction. Kidwell will also help identify additional key points such as; desired corporate Image and facility programs, budgeting and cost parameters, needed termination, expansion and/or contraction options as well as other general business objectives.

Market Research
Kidwell will research all markets and submarkets of interest. Clients will receive comprehensive survey reports from the industry's most used commercial real estate listing service indicating all existing, under construction as well as proposed alternatives. Reports may include their layouts, general economic terms and conditions as well as locational maps. In addition, KIDWELL will research additional alternatives that are not listed through typical listing services. Our extensive database provides us with critical information not supplied to the brokerage community giving us an edge on market knowledge in competitive markets. 

Co-ordination of Services
Services including architecture, space planning, engineering, technology, financial and move-in services may be co-coordinated to complete a smooth and successful transaction. 

Negotiation and Documentation
Kidwell will consult and help negotiate all business terms/conditions with all alternatives of interest. Kidwell will prepare and negotiate proposals, letters of intent and lease documents for each clients review.

Acquisition/Disposition Services
In many instances, client's find that there space needs surface prior to their lease expiration, whether a client is growing or downsizing, Kidwell will evaluate the market and your needs, then make recommendations to the client for the best course of action in order to remain proactive and achieve the most economic transaction available in the market. Some services will include leasing, subleasing, selling or purchasing real estate.

A sale-leaseback may be an advantageous tool when companies recognize that assets locked into buildings may neither be good for the balance sheet nor a productive investment of capital. Old economy or new, booming times or downturn, companies reacting to shifting economic conditions have proven to be challenged with costly and time consuming building management with possible negative economic impact. Now more than ever, businesses have compelling needs to convert existing real estate assets into cash and find cost-effective alternatives to fund the costs of expansion, construction of new facilities and to invest in new programs for their core business initiatives. "KIDWELL"  has working relationships with many of local predominant private real estate investors as well as National and Institutional investors who are looking for existing assets with tenants in place for short or long terms.

  •   Strategic Planning
  •   Market Research
  •   Documentation & Negotiation
  •   Acquisition/Disposition
  •   Marketing for Sale/Lease/Sublease
  •   Sale/Leaseback